Pregnancy yoga

Benefits of yoga during pregnancy and postpartum

Pregnancy Yoga:

Also known as Prenatal Yoga. It can help improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth. It can also decrease lower back pain, nausea, headaches and shortness of breath.

Does it help with delivery:

Yoga can improve the outcomes of pregnancy and childbirth. It can be used as part of childbirth preparation classes to reduce the complications of pregnancy and childbirth. It helps the mother focus on breathing techniques and gentle stretching, this will help prepare you for labor.

Postpartum Yoga:

Also known as postnatal yoga. After delivery, it's important to wait a few weeks after birth to give your body time to heal. You should also consult your doctor to make sure your body is ready to be active again. Postpartum yoga can help to reduce stress and depression, increase calmness, reduce muscle tension, and increase energy.

Benefits for Baby:

Yoga can become a bonding experience with your baby too. Having them near you can relieve stress. Parent and baby yoga classes may give you an overall feeling of well-being and a strengthened bond with your baby. Babies who participate in these classes may see improved sleep, a reduction in colic, and better digestion.
So it’s a win-win!

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