Gender Determination

Gender determination can be done starting at 15 weeks!

3D 4D Ultrasound

Heighten your experience with 3D/4D imaging! 3D/4D imaging is available at all stages in your pregnancy, but the most popular time is between 28-32 weeks.


We offer affordable access to superior prenatal ultrasound. We perform medical diagnostic scans, including limited medical fetal surveys and Level I Ultrasounds and compliment these services with our 3/4D imaging.
What's New
Seeing the Baby: The Impact of Ultrasound Technology
Effects of ultrasound feedback on pregnancy anxiety, fetal activity, and neonatal outcome
A controlled, prospective evaluation of the acceptability of ultrasound in prenatal care
Effects of routine one-stage ultrasound screening in pregnancy: a randomised controlled trial.
Psychological aspects of ultrasound imaging during pregnancy.
An interview study of pregnant women's attitudes to ultrasound scanning.
Three-dimensional ultrasound experience in obstetrics.

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